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Project Description


Transport photography is a specialist area of the Industrial Photographers niche and one that requires focussed attention an an eye for Safe Work Methods. Vehicles for transportation vary greatly in both size and technology depending on the goods being transported and the destination of the payload. Capturing vehicles of transportation has been a highlite of Dave’s industrial photography career from the start. His understanding of a wide variety of vehicle types from B-Double trucks to mining dump trucks, helicopters, transport planes and passenger aircraft to cargo ships and barges is amazing and has only come from years of photographing these awesome examples of engineering in their natural working environments. Dave has worked with companies across Australia and internationally such as Linfox, Lindsay Brothers, Toll Logistics, MAC Trucks, Townley Group International, Aurizon, Royal Wolf, MaxiTrans, The Drake Group, Antonov and Sikorsky Helitech.  Some examples of transport photography Dave has shot in the past can be seen below. If you need a transport photographer we look forward to hearing from you, contact Dave here.