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Project Description


Architectural Photography is like the icing on the cake of a long design, construction and logistics process. Many of the projects Dave photographs, although not restricted to, are often at the hand over stage or Project Completion of a project. It is often Dave will photograph a project from inception to completion so his understanding of the process will in many ways influence the end and final hero shot at Project Completion.

Because of this understanding of the construction and planning process Dave has a very clear and educated approach to photographing architectural projects. His understanding of Architectural and building design and ability to interpret building plans assists in gaining solid prior knowledge of a project so the best hero shots can be had on the day while utilising timing of daylight efficiently to also cover all important features and angles internally and externally. Architectural photography is not always just about the building as a whole, many of the projects Dave has shot over the years have been for associated companies supplying individual components or services to building projects such as sound baffling, cladding, lighting artistic installations and audio visual units. With that in mind the architectural photography process takes on a different approach to highlite those individual components as heroes in the imagery.