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Welcome to the commercial photography blog of Brisbane based industrial photographer Dave Wicks. Here you will find a range of musings about the commercial photography industry, photographic techniques, stories from my travels around the country and over seas and all things camera and photography related. Commercial photography and in particular Industrial Photography is my passion, it has allowed me to travel to some of the most remote places in Australia. With that I’ve also been to some of the most intriguing locations literally right in the middle of suburbia, that nobody would ever know existed.

Commercial photography is a profession that quite simply puts you in the front spectators seat at the most amazing human shows on the planet. As a photographer we not only get to witness the spectacle that is human ingenuity and endeavour but we also become part of that story, if only for a short time. As a photographer we are an historian, a time traveller a story teller and artist. All photographers should see themselves as these things not only commercial photographers but everyone that picks up a camera or iPhone and captures that moment at your child’s performance or graduation.


Commercial photography is in a really exciting place at the moment with some of the most amazing technology available to photographers never before seen in photographic history. With all of this available technology it is possible to now take the viewer of our images to places that were previously unreachable. As a commercial photographer working in the industrial sector I am excited to show you those areas that most don’t get to see and with this blog tell you some stories that go with those industrial photography adventures. Read on…

3108, 2021


Photographers are also there! I recently had the pleasure of attending the “World Press Photo Exhibition 2021” at the Brisbane Powerhouse. The exhibition was fantastic, albeit a little stifled with the restrictions of Covid-19, but none the less amazing as expected. One of the greatest things an artist

509, 2018


IS COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY CREATIVE? A question I was asked recently and one that I have been asked many times in the past, is commercial photography creative? Most people would answer a resounding “Of Course”, but many people have questioned me based on the meaning of “Creativity”. See below: