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Project Description


One thing that really shines in the portfolio of Dave Wicks, The Industrial Photographer, is his ability to connect with people, whether it’s on location on a mine site, construction project, in a studio or at a local gym. Dave loves working with people and strives to understand who they are as much as possible before shooting their portrait photography. It’s this understanding and conversation, that breaks down walls and lets the person in the shot relax and free up their personality. Having your portrait taken no matter where it is, is often quite a daunting process and one that that can be quite terrifying to some people and Dave is very aware of this and approaches each individual portrait shoot with respect and patience. Dave is happy to take portrait photographs in a traditional set up or as he prefers, in a more unorthodox and creative manner, it is entirely up to the client and this is where Dave will work with you to find the best possible direction.