Welcome to our squeaky new photography website, yes I know, it’s about time and not only is it about time for a new photography website but it’s also time we had an active photography Blog. This is my own personal blog about all things photography, in particular commercial and industrial photography and everything that this genre brings with it.

As time goes by I’ll cover things happening in the industry, equipment settings and techniques (if the interest is there) and stories about my everyday travels to the “Industrial Zone”. I can assure you there are more interesting stories that accompany the locations that I visit than I can comfortably remember, so what better place to store them than a handy blog to reference.

I’m more than happy for any feedback, provided it’s sensible and positive feedback, but of course if there is something that genuinely bothers you, let me know, I’ll be just as frank and straight forward with my replies as you are with your comments.


Well let me just say that a new set of clothes will not only refresh the soul but will invigorate the creative passion. Can you believe it has been approximately 7 years since I updated my photography website…holy crap you say! Yep I said the same thing. Why does that happen, well I can be certain it’s because of one thing and one thing only…resting on your laurels!


This is by far the biggest No-No for a professional creative. But also one of the easiest to slip into, ask any child actor that just seemed to disappear after their awesome TV show or Movie hit the number one, and then quietly slipped from the public eye.

The term “Resting on Your Laurels” comes from ancient Greece. Laurels were wreaths created from Sweet Bay plants and where made for those who were victorious in battle or of high status. It was essentially a mark of achievement.

The term came from those that earned the status symbol of the wreath to be completely satisfied with ones past achievements of success and considered further effort unnecessary.

Hence resting on your past achievements.

Building a commercial photography website and focusing on the online marketing of the site in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s was still new enough that I quickly surpassed most professional photographers in the country and particularly those in the industrial sector. That is not to say these artists were not good at their craft…just not the marketing.

Through good SEO, web presence and quality industrial and commercial photography I moved into a position of demand that maxed out my ability to service the requests.

This demand, based on my high level of Google results and quality client service has served me well continuing to today but cannot continue unless we keep up with technology and the changes it brings.

5, 6, 7 years is way too long to be looking at cleaning up your photography website and associated marketing tools… I was resting on my laurels.


Change your clothes and you will instantly feel like a different person…I mean that literally.

Here we are with a brand new website, look and feel. This whole process is cathartic on so many levels. It was an awesome process to comb through the massive amount of images I have on archive to populate the new website. What it did was further solidify my enthusiasm and passion for everything photography and of course industrial.

Making a change comes in all kinds of ways…maybe you need to change the way you approach your photography niche or even the equipment you use to freshen up your outlook. Doing the same thing will give the same results so change it up a bit and see some new things come into the picture…literally.

While you are here why not visit my photography portfolio here, or you can go directly to any of the following specific portfolio pages by clicking the links:

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• Environmental

I’m looking forward to presenting more posts in the near future, thanks for reading.

Have a great day.